The name “Heirloom” came from the company’s history of making period furniture but there’s nothing old worldey about HK Kitchens today – unless that’s the style you want.

HK Kitchens design and build kitchens to suit your style and space. From low budget “hearty faire” kitchens to top of the range “haute cuisine” kitchens for designer homes, HK Kitchens are all about delivering quality kitchens when you need them. Our excellent reputation has been developed through the skill and commitment of our design, joinery and management teams.

History and Reputation

HK Kitchens has over thirty years experience in the joinery industry. Originally building fine quality period furniture, the company added a kitchen division in the 1980’s. A decade later it had earned such a reputation in kitchen joinery that it eased out of furniture making and became a dedicated kitchen company.

Our thirty year history, modern style and commitment to delivering quality kitchens on time, every time, has earned us a reputation as the preferred choice among builders. Specialising in new and renovated kitchens, HK Kitchens also produces other custom designed joinery for the home – laundry units, storage, wardrobes and cabinetry.

By the start of the new millennium, HK Kitchens had secured a large number of regular clients from the building trade. Builders and their clients wanted more than a great kitchen. They wanted the building and installation process to be simple and they wanted their kitchen ready on time, every time. HK Kitchen’s delivered. Now, HK Kitchens is the preferred choice for builders. It’s also valued by home owners who are building or renovating.

Careers with HK Kitchens

HK Kitchens offer many opportunities ranging from factory floor, office environments and more! See a job listed? Apply today!
Don’t see something for you or not sure where your skills will fit? Upload your CV so we can match your skills with upcoming positions.

Careers Page

Our Service Commitment

When you choose an HK Kitchen you can be rest assured we will be with you every step of the way. Your HK Kitchen is designed to your personal tastes, made in our state of the art facility using materials that are fully backed by the manufacturers, and installed by your builder or by an approved installer.

With HK Kitchens you can expect:

-  To see a CAD drawing of your new kitchen before you commit  
-  Accurate manufacture of your kitchen joinery with superior finish.
-  Quality materials backed by reputable manufacturers warranty.
-  Agreed deadlines to be met.
-  Professional installation service where needed.

The Builders Choice

HK Kitchens work with builders throughout New Zealand. Builders choose HK Kitchens because they know we are reliable and hassle-free. We schedule kitchen delivery carefully so every job runs smoothly.

Here are 5 great reasons why HK Kitchens are the preferred choice for builders:

  1. We work with the home-owner to help them choose their kitchen while the builder gets on with building.
  2. The HK Kitchens designers worry about scheduling changes so the builder doesn’t have to.
  3. Accuracy in the manufacture process means HK Kitchens fit the space snuggly and installation challenges are kept to a minimum.
  4. HK Kitchens also offer laundry and other custom joinery options so you only need one specialist joiner.
  5. HK Kitchen products are well manufactured to specification, and delivered on time.

HK Partners

HK Kitchens works closely with the building trade to schedule delivery of high quality kitchens to fit building schedules for installation on time and to budget.

HK Kitchens also works with a wide network of suppliers and installers to bring you great kitchens.


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